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Salisbury was one of England's most important mediaeval cities. It is now one of its most beautiful and is full of history and intrigue. Originally built on an Iron age hill fort at Old Sarum, it moved nearly 2 miles lock, stock and barrel in the 1200s. Salisbury is a fine example of a planned medieval town and has much the same layout today. Built on a grid system of 21 'Chequers', it is said that if Bishop Poore, who designed it in the early 1200s, were to come back today he would still be able to find his way around the city! Though most of the half timbered buildings have changed their appearance externally there are still some fine examples of the internal construction to be seen. There is so much to see in this vibrant and lively city. Our guided tours start at a time and place to suit you. We can collect you from your city centre hotel and take a stroll through the charming streets of Salisbury where you can see amongst other things;

• A world renowned Doom painting
• One of the few surviving examples of medieval town planning
• The City Charter from the 1600s and the city silver
• Where to find the oldest cinema foyer in the world
• Where a Duke lost his head
• Where a card player paid a high penalty for cheating
• The tallest Cathedral spire in England

With so much to see this tour will give you a flavour of Salisbury and help you decide what you want to explore during the rest of your stay. Our knowledgeable guides can also recommend the best places to eat and drink and make your stay even more enjoyable.

The walk lasts about 2 hours and does not include entrance charges to the cathedral.

For prices and availability please Contact Us.

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