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One of the most popular sites in England, Stonehenge is a world renowned stone circle sitting in the rolling chalkland countryside of Salisbury Plain. The surrounding landscape is unusually rich in Aerial view of Stonehengearchaeological monuments such as the Cursus, the Avenue, and numerous Barrows or burial mounds. Stonehenge was declared a World Heritage Site in 1986. Much of the area is reverting to grassland that encourages an abundance of flora and fauna, some of which are nationally or internationally threatened species. The stones themselves are magnificent and a testament to the engineering prowess of our ancestors.

Stonehenge was built over 4500 years ago and has, over time, become the subject of many myths and legends. There is more to the area though. It has evidence of man's occupation from the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age through to the Bronze Age - a period of nearly 7000 years. The other archaeological features help put the stones into context. They are rarely seen by most of the one million visitors each year. Some of the finest views of the stones lie only a short distance away and show them at their best. You can see them on one of our tours.


Tours to the inner circle of Stonehenge are strictly limited and access has been limited since 1978. You may not come back this way again so why not make the most of it and book one of our Special Access Tours to go inside the stones! For details see our special access tours to Stonehenge inner circle.


Do you want to be different and see;

  • the mysterious Cursus, built around 3500 BC, before the first phase of Stonehenge?
  • the various types of Barrows; what did they contain? why were they built? how many are around the landscape?.
  • the Stonehenge Avenue and watch the stones disappear only to magically reappear a short distance later, a sight which which amazes all the guests on our tours?.
  • the site of earlier monuments which predate the stones by 5-6000 years?.
  • a selection of tools used by contemporaries of the builders of Stonehenge?.
  • Or take a tour to Durrington Walls where the builders of Stonehenge may have lived and hear about recent archaeological digs led by Professor Mike Parker Pearson?.

We provide tours around or across the landscape to see all of these monuments. Our tours will show you more than just Stonehenge and you will learn how older monuments may have influenced its development. These tours are for the discerning traveller and can be found on our Special Access tours page. If you would like a longer walking tour, please see our Walks page.

For tours inside Stonehenge see Stonehenge Special Access Tours

For prices and availability of tours, please Contact Us.


If you are short of time and wish to tour Stonehenge and Bath in a day we can recommend a good trip for you. This Stonehenge tour runs 7 days a week throughout summer and Mon, Wed, Fri in winter. Meeting point is Victoria Coach Station in central London. Tour arrive back in London around 7pm.

Tour Include:

  • Return luxury coach travel
  • Scenic drive into Bath
  • Entrance & audio tour at Stonehenge

This Stonehenge tour is available for the amazing price of £92 including entrance fee. To book one of these tours please go to tour from London.

There is also a small group (max 16 guests) tour to Stonehenge and Avebury for £109. Runs Wed, Fri, Sun For details go to Stonehenge & Avebury tour

For other great day tours from London to Stonehenge go to our Day Tours page


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